Hailing from the not-so-verdant plains of West Texas, Molly knew she was to be a Coloradan from the moment she tracked down her first John Denver album...around age 10.


After a four year stop off in Ohio to earn a Bachelors in Dietetics and Food Science from Miami University, the graduate packed her camping gear and headed West. 


Biding her time as a commercial baker, Molly honed the skills necessary to create stunning, delicious celebration cakes. She completed commercial baking courses in Santa Fe, NM as well as an intensive Master's Course in Cake Decorating at the Wilton headquartes in Chicago, IL.


After meeting and marrying the handsome man who gave her the ultimate baker surname--Mix--Molly went elbow deep in the cake industry and Mix Cakery was born!

A Southern Transplant...


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